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      Hi, am new to Netflow.

      Don't have Orion. Just wanted to use the simple features of Netflow - scanning the capture file.

      Downloaded Netflow last week -12/5. Is it necessary for the IOS to be at 12(4) on routers?

      My IOS on routers is 12.3(8r) released software.

      Am using snmp V2. I have XP Svc Pk 4 on PC.

      The ports show traffic in and out of the router incrementing; I  see the netflow statements in the router config,  but there are no check marks on " Sending Netflo" .

      Does not send to the capture file.

      Appreciate any insight. It will be a while for us to get 12.4 IOS installed.

      Perhaps trying to use Netflo is not what I should do now.