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    What OID to use?

      Hello Experts

      I am new to OIDs and was wondering if there is any best practise as what OID to choose, for example

      This chassisfanstatus =2 should be the same as this: ciscoenvmonfanstate =1 ??
      And this chassisps1status =2 should be the same as this: ciscoenvmonsupplystate =1 ??


      Are they really the same?


      ALSO is this: chassisfantestresult better than using the other Fan OIDs?


      So, how do you choose?


      Any suggestions, please? Thank you!

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          Hi Michelle,

          The first thing to do is the click the test button on the Custom MIB screen. Assuming you've already done that and I've found it helpful to compare values obtained through test with acutal known values (or values that can be queried using other methods). If your Cisco device has redundant fans, and you *know* that a single fan (set) can suffice for a short while, have someone temporarily remove one fan for a few seconds while you watch the MIB results. If a MIB value changes during the test, that's the one to use. What is your Cisco platform? I'm sure there are other ways to obtain this information though.


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              Bring this one back up to the top.

              All my units have redundant fans.  The ciscoEnvMonFanState MIB is a table which contains a value for each fan.  I have an alarm setup to look for a value greater than one (1="normal") but not five (5="not present").

              So, for instance, the values returned might be:  "1, 3, 1".  Meaning FAN 2 is reporting "critical" (3).

              How can I construct an alert that will parse that, such that I can specify that it's FAN 2 that has the problem????

              Thanks in advance, really!!



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                  I've uploaded Fan pollers and alerts to the content exchange in the past.  Might want to try and track them down. If I figure out how to get a useful search of the content exchange up, and I find them, I'll post back her.