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    Orion Website Settings

      When I go to Admin -> Settings -> Web Console Settings and specify the "Maximum Number of Syslogs", should that be the default number of Syslog messages shown when I click on the Syslog button on the menu bar? If so, it isn't working and 250 messages are displayed regardless. If not, what is that option for?
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          Please see my response below.


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            I need to retract my bug statement earlier.  This behavior is by design, in fact, albeit slightly confusing.  The setting you mention is considered to be the default setting for all users.  If a user has never before gone to the Syslog page, this is the value that they will see. 

            However, each user gets a personalized value saved for them in the WebUserSettings table as well.  Thus, each user is able to see their own personal setting for the number of syslogs to view per page.  Try modifying the number on the syslog viewing page to your desired number and it should remember that setting for your login each time you go to the syslog page.

            Sorry for any confusion.