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    Alert: interface up .. or was that down..?



      Since I started to use Orion I have seen this bug - but nobody could give me an answer why this is. Maybe times have changed, so I give it another go:

      When I get an "interface down" on a monitored interface, the event list claims it fired an alert that said it went 'up'. And vice versa. The email that I send out shows correct status. Se attached screenshot, makes it easier to understand. The basic alert is configured to trigger when interface status is down, and reset when it's up: ${FullName} has changed status from ${Status-Previous} to ${OperStatus}

      Here a switch has rebooted. Thus, the port on the upstream switch gets a link-down.

      So - for whatever reason - Orion mixes up 'down' and 'up', which apparently is kind of confusing. Anybody else see this?

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          OK, that's a little freaky. We haven't used basic alerts for quite some time, but we didn't have this issue in the past.

          Is there any chance you could migrate to advanced alerts instead? They are much more versatile, and the ability to link them to custom properties can greatly simplify alert management. Also, the use of custom SQL queries in email alerts allows much more useful information to be passed with the email messages.

          It might be a good idea to start moving in that direction, as they are likely to be phased out at some point.