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    Exporting Lists of Monitors Enabled by Device


      I want to export the list of monitors that I have enabled for a customer as part of a project deliverable.  I can't seem to figure out a way to copy, export and/or develop a report that will simply list all of the monitors.

       Has anyone had any success in doing that? 


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          Hello Josh,

          At this time there is no feature that allows you to simply export a list of Monitors you currently have configured, however, there are a few things you can do in order to get you close to what you are looking for:

          1.  From the Reports tab, create a report for the Monitors you wish to list. 

          On step 2, for "Comparison Selection" select "None"

          On step 3, for "Data Type", uncheck everything and for "Report Elements", only select "Data Tables".

          This should give you a Report with a simple table providing you with Monitor name and Monitor type.


          2. Export all monitors by going to "Configuration -> System Settings -> Export Settings".  This will provide you with an XML file with all of the Monitors that exist within your installation.  You can then use any utility that converts XML to CSV in order to convert the resulting XML into a Comma Seperated List which can be easily manipulated within Excel, Access and even Notepad.  Such utilities can be found here:


          Hope this gets you close to what you need.


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               Thanks for the reporting tips -- they worked well for what I was trying to do.  A little more tweaking and I think I'll have it down pat.  Just as an FYI, Excel 2007 takes the XML file, creates a schema and imports the data natively -- no converter required!  I was really impressed with the default layout of the information, etc. 

              Thanks again,