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    Too many cpus indicated in the monitor

      My Exchange server has two single core CPUs, but the monitor displays and indicates usage on four.  Is this an error in the monitor or is it perhaps monitoring the two caches on each CPU as seperate CPUs?

      I am not very hardware savvy, but in DELL Server Administrator I see that each CPU has two caches - one of 16KB and the other of 2038 KB.  If monitor is reading these individually, is that how it is supposed to work?  If so, can I somehow pinpoint which cache each icon is related to?  Also, is there anything to be assumed by one cache or the other (on a specific cpu) showing the bulk of the activity?

      In other words, if this is all good information to know - how do I interpret the activity (other than if it ever goes red)?

      Thanks in advance for your enlightenment!  Mike Ingram