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    setting up Syslog for first time - need help!


      I am setting up Syslog on Orion v9 for the first time (ever, if you can believe it) and I need some basic help. I am getting my feet wet with sending syslog from a Win Server 2003 client to my Orion server. 

       am seeing syslog messages in the Syslog Viewer alright, but I am having trouble applying a filter.

      How exactly do you build a filter to, say, remove all but critical , error, and warning messages? Is there a tutorial available or planned?

      Thanks for helping a newbie with this stuff!

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          You need to create a new rule in the Syslog Viewer.

          Open the Orion Syslog Viewer and select File -> Settings.

          Click the Alerts / Filter Rules tab.

          Click Add New Rule.

          Click Severity / Facility tab.

          From Message Severity box, untick Critical, Error and Warning checkboxes. This rule will apply to all other Syslog messages.

          Click Alert Actions tab.

          Click Add New Action. Select Discard the Syslog Message. Click OK.

          All Syslog Messages will be discarded except Critical, Error and Warning.