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    Automating Export to CSV

      Hello all,

      I am involved in an automated reporting project that needs to collect data regularly from SW. I have created a custom report with the data I need, and now all I need to do is to get the report to run hourly and export to a CSV.

      The shipped report scheduler seems not to support this for 3 reasons:

      1) Won't allow hourly scheduling
      2) Won't allow write-to-disk report generation, only email or print.
      3) Won't allow export to CSV.

      I see that this report schedule builds an xml definition file for use by the "runorionjob" tool, and schedules execution of this tool as a windows schedule task. I can adjust the frequency in the task definition to overcome point #1. Also, I've noticed that if I add the "DataFormat=csv" flag to the URL for pulling the report, it will dump a csv, even over the web. This gives me hope for point #3.

      Does anybody know how the runorionjob tool works? Perhaps there are undocumented options in the XML format that would let me accomplish all of these goals?

      Or some other technique that will allow me to schedule a report run/export to csv on an hourly basis?

      Thanks in advance,