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    UnDP Wishlist


      When Defining a UnDP:

      • Ability to specify a Display Name in addition to the Poller Name. This would be a friendly name that would show up in graphs and tables. This name would also allow "spaces" to be used in the name instead of having to resort to underscores.
      • Ability to specify a snmp table OID and have the wizard allow for selection of some (or all) columns in that table. That way there is no need to repeat the same process for each and every column in the table.
      • Ability to transform the results when defining a UnDP. That way there is no need to repeat similar processes when creating the transform that you have already completed when defining the original UnDP. This would also need to work when multiple columns are selected in a table as mentioned above.
      • Ability to specify a friendly Display Name for the label when a table column is used for the label.

      When displaying UnDP on Website:

      • Ability to put snmp table rows on the same graph and not just snmp table columns.
      • Ability to specify the order that items appear in a web table and/or graph, independently per graph or table.
      • Ability to specify the Chart Format (Line/Bar/Area) per individual item that is placed on the graph.
      • Ability to put multiple pollers in a web table or graph regardless of whether or not they are in the same snmp table.