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    Filtering and forwarding Traps and Syslog to the Orion EventViewer (Updated 28-Nov-2008)



      This is a rewrite of a previously submitted request.

      Recently we have had to seperate incidents on our network where a major link was Flapping and the Ospf Neighbor Status was cycling /flapping. We do have alerts and Custom pollers set up for this but they were never triggered as the interfaces were changing state quicker than the polling engine completed it's cycle. It was eventually only noted when calls came in about users experiencing issues.

      On both occasions the links were cycling for about 30 min and none of the alerts or custom pollers picked up on it once. However There were records of it in Traps and Syslog.

      So this brings me to the Feature Request. It would be great if the ability was there to forward Traps and Syslog to the Orion Event Viewer. The filters and rules are already there as a part of the traps/syslog viewer's UI's in the Orion suite of apps. So really all that would be required is to add an action to forward them to the Orion Event Viewer.

      This I feel, would help bring Orion another step closer to being used as a realtime monitor.