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    DNS User Experience Monitor


      Does anyone know what sort of syntax APM is looking for in
      the 'Expected DNS query results' field for the DNS User Experience Monitor?

      I have captured response packets and put the exact syntax
      from the answer section in this field but it still shows as 'Down: Search String
      Not Found. No matches in the expected results'.

      Was thinking maybe it is expecting the HEX values or



      BTW APM 2.0 rocks :)

        • Re: DNS User Experience Monitor

           Has anyone used this with anything other than the default wildcard '*', and can verify that this feature works? Or is a support call needed on this one?

           Using the default '*' tells me nothing. What if the DNS query response is 'No such name', which is a standard response when no A record is in the queried zone.

          I want to check for specific SRV and A records so I know my clients can all find required resources in their domain. I don't want just any response from the DNS server and then assume all is good.