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    Should I upgrade???

      I am currently running NPM 9.0.  Can anyone tell me what benefits will I gain by going to 9.1 SP1??  I have been reading some of these posts and it doesn't seem like this is a good version to go to yet.  I heard about a new release to fix some of the issues but haven't seen anything mentioned about it yet.

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          We just rebuilt our solarwinds server and I went ahead and installed the latest version (9.1 SP1). I'm not seeing any issues with it so far, and having not spent much time with the previoius version I'm not sure what has changed. I can say though I'm not experiencing any difficulties.
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            Actually, I believe it was 9.1 that most folks where having trouble with. Specifically, the default overview behavior had changed so that the worse condition of a submap element was reflected at the top-level summary. This behavior was made an option in 9.1 SP1. You can New in 9.1 if you so choose. For the most part, I haven't read too many complaints about 9.1 SP1. You can read about what's new in 9.1 or The specified item was not found. for further information.