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    Cisco Device Inventory


      Anyone knows the OID for Cisco device inventory which showes devices serial numbers with attached SFP serial numbers.

      Just like "Show Inventory" command on cisco IOS.

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          Unfortunately there is no one correct answer, discussed on the Cirrus forum.
          One defined Cisco problem is that a some devices (3750, and Chassis devices) will default to one serial number (primary mangement device / slot).

          Additional defined problems is the evolution of snmp monitoring and Cisco OIDs.  Which OID you use may obtain Serial Number data or not.

          Next week I'll forward what we are currently successfully utilizing for some devices.  I wish that it was easier to define one OID it sadly isn't true for a variety of devices.  You may be better off defining the OID to device types versus vendors.  I currently class pollers into device types for ease of (my) use.


           As far as I am aware there is no way to obtain the transceiver serial numbers; truley, I don't want this information.

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              Next week I'll forward what we are currently successfully utilizing for some devices. 

              rcahill, could you publish the OIDs and model of what you have determined?  Like you, I would like to set up pollers by model number.

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                  Sorry didn't follow up and I'm not use the this newer Thwack interface.

                  Renamed to - Chassis_Serial_Number     (3750 Stack)  the network doesn't have a real Chassis for 4500 /6500 testing.

                  Renamed to Cisco_Serial_Number  (works with older non-Chassis solutions including 2950 and non-LWAP access points)

                  I have yet to find anything that works with a PX, ASA, or VPN.

                  I wish the device poller grouping would allow the option to assign by "Machine Type".  I lumped all of the Cisco Pollers into one bundle and there are many devices displaying "no data"

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                  On a nexus device you can do the following command and get the transcv serial number  show interface transceiver detail