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    Question on display of All Nodes

      Dear all, 

      First of all, I am new to use the orion for monitoring the network performance, nice to meet you all.

      I wonder have anyone would to need to do this:

      In particular, I have a switch which has 24 ports. I would like to classify it into three groups by vlan1, vlan2 and vlan3 with each got 8 ports
      But for the display of All Nodes, it can only expand upto the switch level.

      I wonder is it possible to expand upto interface level.
      I would like to have separate pages for viewing vlan1, vlan2 and vlan3, do anyone know how to make it be possible??

      Thank you very much for you valuable sharing, thanks~

      Best regards,

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          Hi there Welcome to the community . This is a little tricky as on the all nodes interface you can only drill down and Filter to the node Level and it’s not possible to do this to the interface level.You would be able however to do something like this For each Node  and view the vlan membership in the Node Details Page. Here is what you could try. Firstly create a custom property  in the interfaces table  Called Vlan. For each interface assign the number only next to it.  I.e. 2 3 4 5 etc  

          See the custom propeties section in the admin guide For more information.

          Online Guilde is available at http://www.solarwinds.com/NetPerfMon/SolarWinds/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm


            There is an attached report here  . Place it in the  \program files\solarwinds\Orion\reports Directory and rename the extension from.txt to.OrionReport. 

          Go to  Admin --)  Manage Views and Select node details. Add a resource and Select Report From Orion Report Writer. Hit Submit and then select a node and Drill down to the Resource you just added.   Select the report Vlan Membership

           You will see a list of interfaces based on vlan membership for that node. You can move this resource to the top should you wishYou can add more filters in the Report Should you wish