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    Custom Properties in Web View Suggestions



      This is sort of a dual feature request: 

      First, I gave a small training to a group of our server admins the other day and they had some questions about the cusom properties that I thought could very easily be answered if there was a way we could put some text beside each property explaining what it does or how to fill it in.  There seems to be enough whitespace next to each property for this kind of data and I think it could be very helpful.

      Second, it would be nice if we could limit what properties were seen.  IE: We added a property called CustomLocation and a property called EitherLocation.  EitherLocation uses the SNMP Location field if CustomLocation is null.  With this in place, we could no longer change any properties from the webview until a work-around was put in place.  If we could restrict what properties were listed, this wouldn't have been a problem.