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    Send SNMP Traps to the event viewer



      Quick question, is there anyway in which I can forward some SNMP Traps received by Orion to the event Viewer wondow. I know where the options are for forwarding traps but I don't see any selection for forwarding them to the the event viewer window.

      The reason for this question is that SW Orion using it's polling engine finds it nearly impossible to pick up on flapping interfaces. The devices will send syslog and SNMP traps to Orion however it seems that apart from placing those entries in the syslog and Traps window no further action is taken.

      So you can see why we need to use something more realtime for fast cycling issues that occur inbetween polls.

      Any ideas?


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          Go to the Trap Viewer Windows UI.  From there, you can create a rule that fires a wide variety of alert actions.  If you want to create an Event, that's one of the options.

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              Hi Denny,

              Yeah I am aware of the actions and filters in the trap UI however none of them will allow the forwarding of traps to the Event Viewer. I understand that alot of your other customers would probably have no need to have traps forwarded to the event viewer.

              But we have filtered our traps before they reach Orion NPM so all we receive are traps about environmentals, link down, cold start, warm start and authentication. We do have alerts for these stats but we've had two incidents in the past week where the alerts based on the polling cycle missed 2 major interfaces flapping.

              Anyway I will proceed and add it as a feature request as the rules and filter for the traps is already there all that needs to be included is the action to add it to the Orion EventViewer.

               Thanks for your reply



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              You can call an external program. a vbscript or .exe. Anything that can insert rows into the database. You will need to know how to log into the database.

              Execute the following sample query.

              INTO [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[Events]

              ([EventTime] ,[NetworkNode],[NetObjectID],[NetObjectID2],[EventType],[Message],


              (getdate(),${NodeId},${NodeId},NULL,505,'This is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the programmer',0,NULL,'N')

              505 is an Event type. Feel free to change it. Match it to the EventTypes table.

              The text I used should come from a trap variable as well.

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                  Wow this is an old topic :-D. Since then there have been a number of solutions we have used for this. The most recent of which is the Message Centre which now displays syslog traps alerts and events in the single window.

                  However my favourite for an over all view of incoming messages has to be the syslog and SNMP trap parsers. We've had both for a few years now and they have been incredibly helpful on a very regular basis. This is availabel on the content exchange area Advanced syslog parser v.1.02

                  Having said that I think I could definitely find a use for you INSERT query thanks for sharing.