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      I have been searching through the forum on this and have not seen any definitve response to what Solarwinds is checking to get all the Transmit discards and receive discards and transmit errors and receive errors.

      We have a OC12 pipe that we do file replication and log shipping on that does not have any errors on the line in the router logs but I am seeing 31 million transmit discards on the interface in Solarwinds. I don't know what or where these are coming from or what Solarwinds is using to find these. I have used a sniffer on the link (Observer) trying to catch the errors when they occur and I am still not finding what the cause if of all the errors. I am also seeing other interfaces having issues as well that I can't figure out what would be causing these.

      If anyone has a clue as to where I should start I would really appreciate it.



          What router are you using? Cisco, Nortel...?

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            If the other interfaces that have the errors are ethernet, you may want to check that both sides of that interface are set to the same speed/duplex, if they are not, you will transmit/receive discards and errors. If they are T1s or any other serial interface, make sure that the settings match the circuit, just keep in mind that you will see discards and errors on the serial interfaces, that is normal, as long as they are not that high. You should worry if they are getting 3000 per day on a T1 with 30% utilization. on a cisco switch just do a sho int s0/0/0 to show the stats for the serial interface. How long has the OC12 been running? and what time frame is the 31 million descards for? 31 mil in 1 year? What is the utilization of the OC12? More than likely you either have a high utilization on your OC12 or it is not configured correctly, either on your end or the Bell's side.

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                Here is the run down on the equipment and utilization on our OC12

                Bothe ends of the OC12 we have Cisco 7304 using pos connection I can run sho int pos monitor and see the connection live without any errors or discards on the interface.

                Interface Name:         POS2/0/0   Interface Status: up

                Line Statistics:         Total:      Rate(/s):         Delta:
                Input Bytes:          345577535        1040918        5204593
                Input Packets:          3538601           9540          47702
                Broadcast:                    7              0              0
                Output Bytes:        7078600496       18126370       90631854
                Output Packets:         4868522          12484          62422

                Error Statistics:        Total:      Delta:
                Input Errors:                 0           0
                CRC Errors:                   0           0
                Frame Errors:                 0           0
                Ignored:                      0           0
                Output Errors:                0           0

                No Interface Resets:     0

                both ends are set the same, same UDP and both connect from the gig ports to a cisco 6513 and run throught he fwsm. We always nail the interface and same connecting speeds and duplex so that is not an issue.

                Utilization on this link is below 50% for the last 7 days

                but yet I keep seeing this


                 Discards This Hour 0 discards1,716,416 discards
                 Discards Today 0 discards37,643,260 discards 

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                Transmit discards are *not* errors. They're well formed frames that had to be discarded because the bandwidth of the link + buffer exceeded the offered load. You're just crushing the link. A sniffer won't help you because it can't see what wasn't sent (e.g. discarded before it was transmitted.) The first fix is to stop using UDP for the transfer and use TCP for the window control. To directly answer your question, it comes from IfMibII and is perfectly valid.


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                  I'm having same issue and have seen several threads with htis issue.  Based on Danny L's comment in Orion shows discards, switch ports do not, Orion uses:
                  ifInDiscards = ""
                  ifInErrors = ""
                  ifOutDiscards = ""
                  ifOutErrors = ""

                  I found a good Cisco page showing what these correlate to::




                  I've got a case open with cisco to see if this is a bug, as I happen to have this issue today with 3 3825s (internet ckts) and we had degraded service for a short period and orion is showing a ton of discards, but the output buffer failures (ifoutdiscards according to cisco doc) is 0....