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    Trying to use netflow to track some strange bandwidth usage

    Steve Pfister

      We present a bandwidth report every month to management. This is a public school district and occasionally the report shows schools that have much larger outbound traffic than inbound, especially when school has been out of session for part of that particular month.  But, I try to look at individual days and weeks of netflow info and everything I see seems to be inbound. I can't find where the outbound traffic is going to. Can someone help me track this down?

       Also, when I look at netflow reports for days in the previous month, I only get data when viewing a full day (12am to 11:59pm). I get "no chart data" when looking at smaller time periods (like 6:30am to 6:30pm), even when the full day's report shows activity in that smaller time period. Could this be a clue as to what's going on?