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    Cisco PIX 515E interface "unknown"



      I'm trying to monitor the interface bandwidth on a Cisco PIX 515E. CPU graphs are working fine but its failing to graph the interfaces...

      However, If open "Real-Time Interface Monitor" for the device i can see the badnwidth usage...So I dont understand why Orion can't monitor this?

      I have tried SNMP v1 and v2c.The PIX is running 7.2

      Any ideas?

      Appreciate your help,


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          Sorry for the delayed response.

          Does your device support the running of an "debug snmp packet" from the command line?  We have some customers who have also reported issues with the Cisco PIX devices and we are trying to determine why the devices are rejecting our snmp requests.

          Any network traces or debug sessions from the device you can provide would be helpful.