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    NPM Installation questions?

      I have to install NPM,Netflow, Engineer's Toolset, APM, Wireless monitor,IP Monitor,NCM modules. Can anyone help me with best recommened architecture for installation? Should I install all modules in one box? Which ports to be open on firewall (apart from tcp/17777) ?  Your help is appreciated.

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          Should I install all modules in one box?

           It depends how many Network Elements you plan to monitor.

          I advise you to read the the page 26-28 of the Orion Administration Guide.


          The Orion Modules have to be installed on the top of the Orion NPM application except for Orion NCM one which can run as a standalone application. Engineer's Toolset can be integrated with Orion and its module but does not need to be on the same box.

          ipMonitor is a standalone product that should be installed on different server. 


          Which ports to be open on firewall (apart from tcp/17777) ?

          The TCP port 17777 needs to be opened only if you spread the applications on multiple servers, e.g. Orion NPM on a server and Orion NCM on another one.

           Orion NPM => SNMP (UDP port 161), SNMP Traps (UDP port 162), PING (ICMP), Syslog (UDP port 514)

           NetFlow => UDP Port 2055 by default (can be modified) 

          APM => WMI (TCP Port 135), SSH (TCP Port 22), SNMP

           Wireless Monitor => SNMP

          ipMonitor => SNMP, SNMP Traps, WMI 

          NCM => Telnet (TCP port 23), SSH, TFTP (UDP port 69), SNMP


          Let us know if you need more details somewhere, I think I listed all the ports but if anyone has something to add, do not hesitate.