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    Backup Syslog


      I have a solarwinds SLX license with a separate database installed.  I have KIWI syslog that I would like to convert to Solarwinds syslog (for many reasons).  However, I'm running in to a bit of a problem when it comes to a backup syslog service.

      I currently send my syslogs to both kiwi syslogs, and only have one of them send alerts via email.  If something happens, we manually go in and check the "send email" check box on the backup and everything picks up where it should.

      I would like to have the solarwinds service receive syslogs in both locations (the second location is in another datacenter running hot standby) but only send emails from the backup if the primary is down. 

      I would expect this to be an easy thing to do (have the backup simply query the primary with a heartbeat and only come live if it doesn't receive a response) -- but I see no way to do this.

      I thought about how we could use a specific syslog event to trigger this (if you receive a syslog from the other server with a particular facility or whatever, then become active and email alerts) -- but I don't think this is possible.

      I also have an SLX license there (in the backup facility ) but its version 8.x -- if I upgrade this, would I be able to get this kind of functionality?  How do others use backup syslog servers?