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    UDnP Groups?   Can we add/delete them from the GUI?

    Craig Norborg

      Just wondering, by default there are 3 UDnP groups (or at least they were on mine).  Cisco, Default and Example.  Actually I think I might have made "Cisco" before they came out with the new Universal Device Poller.   But, either way, there is no way to add more through any GUI or tool I can find.  However, if you go into the SQL Database and edit the "GroupName" in the dbo.CustomPollers, you can create more groups quite easily and they seem to work throughout the server tool and the website "add nodes" and such.   Would be nice if in the UDnP GUI you could edit/add them.  Maybe I'm missing it?


      Another thing on my wishlist.  I have a view that I set up called "UPS Devices" which shows my custom pollers for UPS's.  In "Device views by type" I set it up so that anything with the type "American Power Conversion Corp." gets that as its default Node View.   It would be nice based on that, if I could assign the custom pollers to all those devices based on the view that shows those custom pollers...