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    UnDP Counter type values not functioning since upgrade to v9.1


      I opened Case # 64641with support and they haven't been getting back to me.  Basically I noticed that since my upgrade from 8.5.1SP3 to v9.1SP1 all my UnDP counter type polls are no longer storing the change since the last poll in the 'Total' field of the db.  It is now storing the current poll value over and over again in that field.  When the counter value does increment...the min/max/avg rate and status/rawstatus fields all populate but with weird decimal values that don't reflect the actual change in value.

      For instance one value is Cisco CRC errors on interface...the Total field will continually show the current poll value (for example lets say 100 errors to start).  100 will show up in the total field over and over again for every poll...it used to say 0 since there has been no change in the counter.

      Has anyone else seen this?  Any assistance with escalating this case would be appreciated.  When I called in after getting no response I found out the case was closed, the gentleman on the phone reopened it but I havent heard anything back since.

      Thanks for any help