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    Remove 'Universal Device Pollers' from Orion?


      I recently played around with some universal device pollers on one of our vpn nodes and, in the process, checked the box to publish these to Orion. As I went through and found that the specific OID's weren't what I was looking for, I removed them from the node within 'Universal Device Poller', but realized that they didn't get removed from Orion.

      Does anyone know how/where I can remove these from Orion? I don't readily see how to embed a screenshot in this message for reference but hopefully someone can follow the issue I'm describing.

      Thanks in advance.

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          try going into the Resource View named NODE DETAILS and see if it is there. And if so delete it from there. I presume you set it to Node Detail at creation time and not your own creation or else put it to Interface.

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               Not sure what you mean by "remove".  "lchance" is talking about removing the resources from the web, which is important.  If by "remove" you mean "unassign", then go back to the UnDP user interface, which is on the Orion server.  Launch it.  Go to the node you assigned it to, drill down, and you'll find a folder called "pollers".  You can remove it from there.  Or, in the lower left pane, find the pollers in the list, right-click, and choose "unassign".

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                Thanks, guys. I think lchance is clsoest to the helping with this because it's teh Orion site that still displays the modules- specifically the NODE DETAILS page for this device.

                I did take a second look at the UnDP settings and only see what should still be assigned to this device. It's the other pollers that seem stuck in Orion for this device.

                However, looking back on Orion's NODE DETAILS page, I only see options (for each poller window) to EDIT or HELP. And EDIT only give options to rename title, ect. - not remove/delete this particular poller window.

                I know that's a lot but hopefully it make sense.... wish I could figure out how to paste a screenshot in here...