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    Modify Tabular UnDP Resource?

      Is it possible to somehow modify the tabular UnDP resource to modify the column names? I'm trying to make the resouce more user friendly. I attached a screenshot of the resource I'm looking to modify. I'm just wondering if there is anyway to edit or change the column names for the table, or any table for that matter?

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          It is not possible as of right now to modify the column names. I requested this as a feature when the UnDP was still in beta phase. In my opinion the UnDP feature/function as a whole is functional, but not polished. I hope that SW is actively working to improve this part of the product before moving away to work on other features.

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               Waiting for this, too :)

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                  In addition to what you are asking, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the ability to add additionally UnDP data entries to the same table that have the same instance values.



                  DRIVE # : Slot 0:0

                  DRIVE STATE : Online

                  DRIVE TYPE : Seagate blah blah blha



                  and there is even another issue i run into.  I would like Orion to have a background process that would go and check each node if it supports a specific UnDP entry and auto-add it to monitoring if a radial button allows for the system to do so.  Kinda like Auto-Discovery.  we have Dell OLD and NEW systems and HP and IBM.  I have to use different UnDP pollers for each system and then go thru a list of 100's of server to select the ones that I want to apply this poller to.  Today I cheat a little bit by using Custom Properties to split them up accordingly, however I do from time to time forget that we have added more system and have to go back thru all of them.


                  In all honesty, I would love to see Solarwinds put forth the effort and give us different views for Dell vs HP vs IBM systems that have the mgmt package installed on them kinda like they did for ESX.  That way its all built in and nice and pretty.


                  Example to this.

                  Dell server view

                  all of the current provided data but give us the following additional

                  CHASSIS STATUS

                  DRIVE / ARRAY STATUS

                  DOMAIN NAME / WORKGROUP

                  ALL IP's active on the system (This is a universal OID that works on all systems).


                  With the advent of APM and other items, Orion has gotten out of the NETWORK monitoring to a more robust GLOBAL monitoring environment.  With that Solarwinds should put more effort in building well tested / robust displays for system information for at least these 3 major server manufacturers that each have a special set of mibs that are/can be installed on the systems.