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    Text to Speech Alerting in Advanced Alerts

       Hey all,


             I seem to be having an odd issue with the advanced alerting. For our alerts I have to key actions set up. One is a text to speech alert and the other is a email message. If I configure an alert in basic and trigger it either with the test feature or actually trigger the alert by effecting the monitored device all works well. If I do the same thing with an advanced alert, the email works but the text to speech alert does not work.

            I have tried using the "Advanced Alert Manager" as stated in other threads to test the alert and the diagnostic log in that window stated that everything has functioned correctly. I don't see any error's generated in the log, but I still do not get any text to speech alerting with advanced alerts. I can only get them with basic alerts. I am running 9.0 SP2.

           Anyone have any idea's what I might be missing?