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    Orion/CMDB/REMEDY Integration


      Hi all,

       We currently use Orion for the obvious network monitoring, a CMDB which is being translated into a SQL database and BMC Remedy for incident management and upcoming change management. 

       In the first instance, we would like to integrate the CMDB with Orion in some way so that Orion Maintains the nodes and interfaces. The CMDB can then maintain the assest register and subcomponents of the nodes within the Orion SQL. For example a Cisco 4500 in Orion is seen as a System CI which has a relationship to its subcompenents ie. Power Supply CI, Blade Module CI's with CMDB SQL. These subcomponents contain the serial numbers of individual items, purchase order, cost etc

       One thing this would enable us to do for is:

      Hypothetically a fire burns down a building. By running a report within orion or other method quickly ascertain the value of the eqiupment and suppliers that must be contacted.


      Remedy  on the other hand uses Oracle as its back end, and instead of recreating the CI's in Oracle was presuming that you could have oracle pull the data from SQL.


      Has anyone attempted anything similar


      Kind Regards