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    Make all node variables available in alert actions

      As it is right now, no matter which property an alert is configured to monitor (e.g. APM: Component, Custom Interface Poller or Virtual Machine), you have the full range of "Network Node" properties to use as part of the trigger conditions. However, the trigger actions created for this same alert don't have access to all node variables.

      For example, I have an alert set to monitor an APM: Component. I can use any of the "Network Node" properties such as IP Address, Vendor or Location as part of the condition statements. Shift over to the trigger actions and if I wanted to send an e-mail containing any of the aforementioned variables, they aren't available to me. Even if I manually specify the variable, the alert engine isn't processing this variable. I simply get something like the following as the e-mail message:

      "Web server on network device (${IP_Address}) from ${Vendor} located at ${Location} is Down."

      I'm hoping this was simply an oversight and could be corrected in the future.