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    Report CRC Errors on Cisco Devices

      I was curious if there was some sort of tool within Solarwinds that will report CRC errors on the hour for all of our Cisco devices.  If not on the hour, how about once a day?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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           If you know the MIB and OID where the data is reported, you can use the Universal Device Poller to get that data as often as you'd like.

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              I've looked around at some other post and even messed with the CRC UnDP but I haven't really found the solution I'm looking for.  I would like something similar to "Top 10 Errors & Discards Today".  Even if there was just a column added to that view with CRC errors that would be awesome.  Has anyone come up with a good solution for monitoring CRC erros?



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                  I'm monitoring CRC errors and all the errors that show up for the Cisco "show interfaces" command such as CRC errors, frame errors, input errors, etc.  The way I have mine setup is I have a CRC UnDP poller setup, for example, as a Counter per Hour timeframe and it produces a good chart for me.  Next, I'm going to work on some alerts that trigger if x CRC errors happens per a period of time.  I haven't quite decided the number of CRC errors and the time frame yet.  I'm mostly concerned with my Serial links.

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                If this is still an issue for you, you can do it easily with the newest version of Orion.


                Go to Settings -> All Settings -> Manage Alerts
                Create a new alert


                Give it a name, description, turn it on, and set an evaluation frequency.

                Click next.
                Set the trigger condition: Alert on Interface.

                Scope: Interface Status is not equal to Down, and Node Vendor is equal to Cisco (or choose another condition that makes sense for you.)

                Actual trigger condition: CRC Align Errors this Hour is greater than or equal to [define a sane threshold.] 1 would be aggressive, but might be best. Or start with 100 to weed out the worst offenders first. I think you'll need to click Browse All Fields to find the option you need.

                Click next

                Choose a time to reset. If you want it to alert every hour, set it to reset after 60 minutes.
                Click next
                Time of day: Alert is always enabled (I can't imagine CRC errors would be ok outside of business hours in your environment!)

                Click next

                Trigger actions. Select a message to display and action to take when a violation is found.

                Click next

                Reset actions: What do you want it to do when it's no longer in violation?

                Click next

                Summary: Review your choices, and you will see a message telling you how many objects this will immediately alert on if you click Submit.


                Good luck!

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                  Here are steps to create it

                  Settings -> All Settings -> Manage Alerts


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