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    Interface variables


      I just got a request from my director to monitor percent utilization on our WAN circuit and I started getting into variables. I set it up but came away with a couple of questions:

      1) In the email alert, can I combine variables (such as ${Interface.OutPercentUtil}% + ${Interface.InPercentUtil}%)? I ask this because I can't find a variable that gives me the total utilization (send/receive) for an interface- only the specific 'send' percent or 'receive' percent.

      2) Is there such a variable that gives Bytes transmitted (or Bytes received)?


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          1. No, you can't combine them and there is no other variable that provides this information. You'll need to use an SQL query like the following in your e-mail alert:

            ${SQL:Select (${InPercentUtil}+${OutPercentUtil}) from interfaces where interfaceid=${InterfaceID}}

          2. You can use the ${Inbps} variable which provides "Current incoming traffic, in bps, to interface". The information is provided in bits but if you really want it bytes, like in step 1, you'll need to create an SQL query to tweak the information provided.
          All of the variables available for use in alerts are outlined in the Orion Administration Guide if you're looking for other variables to use.