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    Report Writer not Unicode compliant?


      I'm re-working some of our older reports. Currently they filter off (Text) custom properties that were generated pre-v9. Much of the re-work consists of new custom properties.

      When adding new CPs to the report filter, I'm receiving an "Invalid Filter. Invalid data format. You need to fix the Filter first" error. Looking in the database, I noticed that our older CPs are set as type varchar and these new CPs are set as nvarchar.

      Apparently, the Custom Property editor was updated to use nvarchar for unicode support but the "Filter Reports" option in Report Writer was not. I've tried updating the report schemas as outlined in Re: Report Writer - Invalid filter with no success. This occurs with both pre-defined CPs and CPs built from scratch.

      The only work-around I've found is to convert all of the reports that I need to upgrade with new custom properties to Advanced SQL and generate my own queries.