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    UPS monitoring views


      We've got Orion 9.1 and are trying to setup a decent monitoring system for HP and APC UPS's. I've had a play with custom pollers and alerting which are working, but the resulting views are very clunky. Has anyone come up with something, ideally with a view which has a list of UPS's, if they go onto battery they turn red and alert etc. Also shows in a nice format runtime, on-battery, last tested date, input and output voltage etc? I'm starting to feel like I'm reinventing the wheel.

      Any help, code or direction greatly appreciated.


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          Assuming you have created UnDP for each of these information, it should show up on the Node Details view under the "Universal Device Poller Status" resource. Simply create a new view with a "Custom HTML or Text" resource and you could combine all of the various poller status into that single view. As for displaying a graphic that represents the status of the UPS, you can certainly fiddle around with using a gauge but I'm uncertain as to how well that would work out and whether it would meet your needs.