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    Orion Migration gone badly...


      So Friday night I migrated my Orion install to a different server that has more resources. I had some trouble with the license manager so called up support and they released my license manually. Everything appeared to go well. However today I realize that I am not getting any new data. Upon further examination I see that Orion now thinks I have multiple pollers and is keeping the old one active which doesn't exist anymore. When I moved to the new server I took the IP of the old poller and moved it over so I would not have to reconfigure my devices. So the new server has a new server name, but the same IP as before. I changed the name of the old server and changed the IP to something else.  When I log into the cusotmer portal I still see the old server name as the license server. The Monitor Polling Engine tool shows both servers but it shows the polling engine running on the old server which has a totally different IP now. How do I get the correct server set as the polling engine? I have stopped all services on the old server now. I have opened a ticket with support but am posting here to increase my chances of getting a fast answer.