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    Monitoring Pool Members F5


      I was wondering if anyone knows, how to monitor the status on a individual pool member through Solarwinds?

      I have a OID of, which shows the status of all pool members, of all the pools.

      What i would like to get is a status update on a individual pool, and show which pool member is down.

      Currently i get a report, UP,UP,UP,UP,UP,UP,UP,UP, but doesn't show which pool it is, until i get to the LTM

      Cheers in advance for any help


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          I too have setup F5 pool member monitoring and currently display that table in a UnDP tabular chart on the F5 node details page.  Unfortunately there isn't a way to alarm on an individual "row" if you will of an snmp get table.  So if one member of a pool is down, the alarm I generate simply says "A member of an F5 pool is down, go to the node details page to verify which one."  I have already requested and I believe a test track has been created for getting this functionality in a later release.

           If you want the OID's for pool name, etc to put into a table on node details here you go:

          Pool Name:
          Pool Member Address:
          Pool Member Port:

          These are the ones I use in addition to your status OID to create a tabular chart that my NOC employees can view to get a quick look at which pool member is down.

          Hope this helps.