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    Mass import of 'devices'

      I've found the forum to be a useful resource. Thank you. I searched and couldn't find a way to do a mass import of devices. I'm still getting used to the 'device' concept.  Any who,  I'm trying to do a mass import of devices and associating monitors in version 9.0.2.  I've been able to do a mass import of monitors.  They currently are in the orphaned group. The global variale trick worked.

      I used the device discovery process to scan the devices I want imported.  It found everything, but it won't add devices with no monitors selected.  I can add a single device w/o scanning first.  This would be handy for multiples.  To get around this, I added a 'PING' monitor, the mass import worked.  Is there anyway to do a mass import of devices and not have associated monitors.  I have 3 environments to build with 100's of boxes, so I'm trying to cut down on the manual work. 

      If there is another process to make this automated, I'm open for suggestions.  The import XML option was quicker than trying to learn the SOAP interface, which appears to be going away.  I'd rather not spend time learning something that won't be supported in future versions. 

      PS: Is there a list of global variables documented somewhere?