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    Alerts not working

    Simone Ricci


      I've enabled an alert based on the node status (up or down) with 2 actions: send an email and execute a vbs.

      When I perform the test, it works fine, but the vbs doesn't start when the status changes. The email works fine.

      I tried compiling the vbs in exe, change the vbs, etc....

      Is there anybody who has any idea?


      Simone Ricci

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          So you're saying that when testing this alert, the first action executes (send a mail) but the second part doesn't (execute a vbs)? Is the correct full path to the VB script provided? I'm assuming appropriate permissions are in place? You may need to wrap the entire command in double quotes such as "c:\test.vbs"
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              Simone Ricci

              Not exactly... when testing both of the action are correctly executed, but when the alert happens the first part (send a mail) works but the second part doesn't (execute a vbs). The exact command is cscript.exe c:\script-solwin\test1.vbs

               I don't know which kind of permission should I set up... I think the problem is something regarding the permission...