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      Can anyone help me with comparison between Orion and Cisco wroks, HP openview, Tivoli Netview, CA ? What are main benefits of Solarwinds over other products?

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          Hi Saby,

          Being involved in SolarWinds in the Middle East i hear this question come up time and time again - Why SolarWinds over the others? If you ask SolarWinds for an official comparison to Tivoli, HP and CA they will tell you that they dont compete with enterprise vendors. So really its all up to you to really research and find a comparison.

          I can tell you a few things about Solarwinds compared to the others:

          1. Cisco LMS - you can only monitor Cisco devices and when it come to upgrading you pay for a full new LMS (not a yearly renewal which is 20%).

          2. HP / Tivoli do not have a rich reporting functionality - SolarWinds has 45 out of the box reports as well as a wizard to build reports.

          3. HP Tivoli - requires a dedicated administrator and on-site support costs a bomb. When we do implementations we include informal skills transfer which is about 2 hours per product. We will also be running formal training courses her ein Kuwait from Mid May which runs through the entire suite of products in 7 days!

          4. Price is right - you dont pay mad dollers for the licenses. SolarWinds is an SMB solution that still has the capability to monitor enterprise networks.

          5. Implementation time - most of the costs for Tivoli, CA, HPOV can take up to a month minimum to implement. SolarWinds will be up and running under 3 days!!!! hence the cheaper costs!

          Hope this helps - if anyone has more to add please let me know as the learning never stops!!!

          Saby i see you're in Kuwait - please feel free to give me a call if you need any help

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            Nice posting omarQ8

            thanks for sharing all these terms because i also want to know comparison between Orion and Cisco wroks, HP openview, Tivoli Netview, CA.