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    Display Order of MIB Table Data on Node Details


      I'm pulling data from two different MIB Tables on a SAN.  One table contains the LUN names, the other table contains performance data such as IO per LUN.  I can pull the data and display it on the node details page lined up perfectly.  The problem that I'm having is displaying the columns of data from the tables in a specified order in the "Tabular Universal Device Poller" display.  What I want to do is display the "LUNNames" first, "LUNReadIOPs" second, "LUNWriteIOPs" third and "LUNTotalIOPs" fourth.

      As you can see from the screenshot below, the data is not displaying the way I want.  I configured this display to use the LUNNames poller for the labels, so I expected it to be the left-most column but it is not.  I also thought it might be sorting the poller names alphabetically from left to right, so I tried changing the names of the pollers to start with the letters a, b, c and d -- that didn't work.

      Does anyone know how I can specify the order of the columns displayed from left to right? 


      aLUNNames - Label   cLUNWriteIOPsaLUNNames  dLUNTotalIOPs  bLUNReadIOPs
      1     0.000CORP-RSERVER-H  0.000  0.000
      2     0.000CORP-RSERVER-T  0.000  0.000
      3   0.000CORP-RSERVER-X  0.000  0.000
      4   0.000HOUBD1-H  0.000  0.000
      5   0.000HOUBD1-I   4.000  4.000
      6   5.000HOUBD1-T  5.000  0.000
      7   0.000HOUCC1-H  0.000  0.000
      8   0.000HOUCC1-T  0.000  0.000
      9   0.000HOUCSI-D  0.000  0.000
      10   2.000HOUCVG01-D  2.000  0.000