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    Network Map


      Is there a way to speed up the loading of the network map? I have it on my home page now, and it takes 10 to 15 seconds to load the home page. if i remove the network map, it loads in less than 2 seconds. I have no backgrounds on the map and am using the smallest (is file size) icons available. I only have 5 icons on the main map page but they link to other maps which have all the nodes broken down by state. Orion and poller are on 1 server and the SQL database is on the other. Both VMs are connected via a 1 gigabit connection to the network fed with a 10 gigabit fiber backbone.

      VM1 = Server 2003 R2 SP2, Intel Xeon 2.33GHz, 1gig RAM = Orion and Poller

      VM2 = Server 2003 R2 SP2, Intel Xeon 2.33GHz, 2gig RAM = SQL Database

      Both VMs are on a Priority One Cluster

      Database details are below:

      Operating SystemWindows 2003 Standard Edition
      OS Version5.2.3790
      Service Pack



      Database EngineMicrosoft SQL Server
      SQL VersionMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.3042.00 (Intel X86)
      Feb 9 2007 22:47:07
      Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation
      Standard Edition on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)
      Security ModelUser Name \ Password 
      User NameSolarWindsNPM 
      Connection Timeout20 seconds
      Network Elements927 Elements
      Nodes344 Nodes
      Interfaces583 Interfaces
      Volumes0 Volumes
      Alerts0 Alerts
      Events2183 Events
      Pollers1845 Pollers
      Polling Engines1 Polling Engines

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          I don't know of any quick fix to speed up the map loading, but there is a way to keep it from slowing down the home page loading.

          If you edit \Inetpub\SolarWinds\NetPerfMon\Resources\7-1-NetworkMaps\22-NetworkMap.Resource and add this line:

          <!-- LoadAsynchronously=true -->

          Right after the <!-- Title=Network Map --> line, then the map will be generated in a separate request, after the rest of the page has loaded. This way you can at least see the rest of the stuff on the page while you wait for the map. You will need to bounce IIS for this change to take affect.

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              Thanks, I will try that and let you know what happens.

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                Nope, that didn't work. it still takes 10 to 15 seconds to load the home page with the network map setup on the home page. If i remove the map, less than 2 seconds. I will just have to deal with it. Thanks for the help.

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                    I asked this question a while back and got:
                    The time it takes is based on the number of linked maps and objects on all of the submaps.  Orion has to query the DB for the status of ALL objects within the map hierarchy.  I am going to get around this by making several "TOP" maps for the different areas and have my Network Ops center use one per monitor.  This way, each "submap" top is only responsible for polling its sub-hierarchy and response time should be faster. 
                    It would also be prudent to check your DB response and tweak that.

                    I have just under 20k pollers, and most are on maps - to include 6500 switch interfaces individually and my page pulls up in 5 seconds or less (under one map).

                     Hope that helps

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                        Yep, i tried creating separate maps and that solves the problems, but my fellow network engineers want the map of the home screen and want it to contain links to all sub maps. They want one map that shows weather any of the branches are down or have problems. Where do i check the DB Responce? and how do i tweak it? Yep, i am a noob to SQL. I am using SQL 2005.  

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                      this changed the load times from 10-15 seconds to around 6-9 seconds. that is still too slow. I dont know what else to try.

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                          I have 2 VMs running Orion, the setup is as follows:

                          Server1 - Win2k3 server with latest service pack, 2gig RAM, 90gig hd. Running Orion Poller and website.

                          Server2 - Win2k3 server with latest service pack, 2 gig RAM, 90gig hd. Running SQL 2005.

                          both servers are on seperate blades in my blade center and are part of a high priority cluster.

                          Utilization of each server stays under 3% utilization on both CPU and RAM. during the loading of the Orion website, Server1 will get a CPU spike of 80% lasting less that a second and Server2 never twitches.

                          That being said. Can someone explain to my why it takes 3-6 seconds to load a webpage that doesn't contain a network map, and 10-15+ seconds to load the home page with the network map. All views and pages exactly like they were out of the box, no modifications have been made other than the maps.

                          With that kind of utilization on the servers, the pages should be loading way faster than that. The connection between my PC and the orion servers is not a problem, 10mb metro-e connection. I can copy very large files between my PC and the orion server with no problem so it is not a connection issue. I am monitoring the amount of traffic between my PC and the servers, the traffice between the 2 orion servers and it is not moving that much data. So i would think that it narrows it down to a SQL problem. although i dont see hight utilization on the SQL box to say that it is undersized. So that narrows it down to a querry problem in Orion but how do i go about finding it, and how do we get that fixed.

                          Is anyone else seeing this problem as well? How long does it usually take to load the pages (with and without maps loading)? Any input would be helpful.

                          If i find out before i get an answer from this site, i will test it, and then post the final answer here.

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                              One common suggestion would be to find out if one of your resources is causing the web page to load slowly. You can either remove resources from your defined view, one at a time. Even better, you can duplicate the existing view by adding resources, one at a time. With some luck, this will narrow down the resource that is tying up the page load.