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      Trying to get IPMonitor to throw an alert when SNMP trap is rec'd with the string "fault" somewhere, not working and still getting trap rejected in the snmptrap.log. Also was wondering if that could also trigger a red alert icon in the NOC?

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          Hello Ericsc,

          Compare the values being received within the SNMPTrap.log with the values you have specified within the SNMP Trap Monitor.  If everything appears to match, try disabling the "Examine the Variable Bindings" section and see if the traps are still logged as rejected.  If they are, can you possibly post the last entry in the SNMPTrap.log file and the settings within your SNMP Trap Monitor?

          I will compare the two and let you know if you've missed something.


          Chris Foley

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              Accepting them with the Variable Bindings disabled - unsure how to alert on status at this point and if it will throw a failure in the noc view

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                  OK got em working with substring search instead of regex

                  Is there any way to get this monitor or push the results to another monitor to get it to throw failure in NOC view?

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                      Can I get a NOC red box with APC snmp traps?

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                          The SNMP Trap Monitor does not fail, therefore, it cannot turn red.  The same behavior exists with the File Watching Monitor and the Event Log Monitor.  They simply look for content and only fail when they cannot accomplish their task (i.e. Event Log Monitor or file is not accessible).

                          If a match is found, you can configure ipMonitor to send an email with the contents of the match.  Information on this is found within the following post:

                          Re: Some Content Generator Help


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