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    The network path was not found; oserror: 0x35

       I have been getting this error for 2 consecutive nights.  Auth1 Drive Space C$ is down.  Reported The network path was not found; oserror: 0x35

       When i RDP on to the server i can see the C drive and connect to it via another machine.

      Any help would be awesome, becuase i can not find any info searching the forums about this!





        • Re: The network path was not found; oserror: 0x35

          Hello mstampfle,

          These errors can be generated for a number of reasons, but the most common are identified below:

          1.  The target system is turned off, restarting or does not exist.
          2.  A firewall is blocking RPC communication to the target system on TCP port 445.
          3.  The RPC Server on the target system has reached its connection limit.

          Should the errors correspond to routine maintenance actions, then you can take advantage of ipMonitor's Maintenance Schedule feature to disable the affected Monitors for the outage period.  Below is a linked article explaining how to configure Maintenance Schedules.


          However, if the errors are being reported intermittently, then it is likely that too many RPC-based connections are established with the target server.  ipMonitor includes several programmable variables called "Global Behavior Modifiers" that can re-try Monitor tests when particular OS errors are reported.  Use the following instructions to add the variables.

          1.  Login to the ipMonitor Web interface.

          2.  On the top navigation menu click "Configuration -> System Settings".

          3.  At the top of the System Settings screen click the button labeled "Global Behavior Modifiers".

          4.  Add the following three Modifiers:

          Behavior Modifier Name: monitoring.drivespace.retries.count
          Behavior Modifier Value: 6

          Behavior Modifier Name: monitoring.drivespace.retries.oserrors
          Behavior Modifier Value: 0x00400035

          Behavior Modifier Name: monitoring.drivespace.retries.wait
          Behavior Modifier Value: 10000

          5.  Click "OK" at the bottom of the Global Behavior Modifiers screen to apply the changes.

          6.  Restart the ipMonitorSrv Service to apply the changes.

          See if this helps.

          Let me know either way.


          Chris Foley