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    Availability report - when a device is not available

    Andrew Story

      Hi Guys,


      Is it possible to generate a report detailing when a device is unavailble?  My monthly reports work well, but they work on uptime, can one be done based purley on downtime?


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          Hi Andrew,

          Upon configuring the report, you have the option of choosing Downtime.  You can also add this information to an existing report by adding a cell within the "Report Cells" section of a Report's properties.  Simply go to the "Reports" tab, click the pull-down option next to a report and click "Edit Properties".  Click "Add Cell" under "Report Cells" and chose the type of cell you wish to add (graph, table or icon).  The rest should be fairly self-explanatory...but then again, I've been doing this for years.

          If you additional help, let me know.

          Chris Foley