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    map maker



       Using Map Maker i write some lines about some enhancement:

      - is it possible or will it be possible to have some tools like align, center the nodes like in visio ?

      - will it be possible to draw some line or square in the background ?

      I have tried ipswitch product and remember that the map creation possibility was more "user friendly"

      Have you some roadmap for Map Maker ?


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           We are in the middle of a major overhaul of Map Maker.  It'll take the tool to a new level of usability.

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              That's nice, have you any date for a release ? or did you know if the new version will be available with the next release of NPM v10 or before ?

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                Hi Denny, 

                After a recents service call  (67578) Paul O'Rourke advised that I submit my suggestion for future enhancemet to you on thwack:

                We’re going to end up with about 150 different location maps and 1500 devices. The ability to list nodes by various custom property values assigned to them simplifies browsing, but if you want to see a map for a specific device or location you have to start browsing a new list of nodes, same applies to Netflow. It would be really great if navigation in the Orion GUI was central to all other features and components. i.e. I could decide from a master list of devices if I'd like to open a map or look at netflow stats etc; and be able to toggle back and forward without having to start over.