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    Keep reports refreshed and up-to-date

      I have created a report that displays a graph of bandwidth in and out.  I only want the graph to display the last 15 minutes of bandwidth usage.  My time settings are:
      Start at: "This" Second
      Then Go Backward 15 Minutes
      Include the following: 15 Minutes.
      All other values are 0.

      This works great the very first time the report is ran but until the browser is closed, the report will not keep up-to-date.  Clicking refresh in both ipMonitor and on the browser does nothing.  Crtl F5 doesn't help either.  I have also added an HTML Fragment to auto update the report every 5 min.  But it does not help.  I have also tried this from two different PCs, one running IE7 and the other IE6.

      Is there something I'm doing wrong?

      -Charles S
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          I have created Case # 67621 on 11/11/08.  Waiting for resolution.
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              Hello Chaldz,

              As per our phone conversation, it appears the current time selection is being cached for the session.  Having that said, in order to get around this you would need to do one of two things:

              - Log out and log back into ipMonitor.  The report will then be for the last 15 minutes, instead of the 15 minute block viewed in the previous session.


              - Use the calendar to request "Last 15 minutes" again.  This will update the report to the last 15 minutes.

              As this is unexpected behavior which renders the "Refresh" button at the top of the report somewhat useless, I have submited a bug and linked it to your case.  I will notify you when it has been rectified.  There is currently no ETA on this fix.


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                  Hi Chris

                  I logged a case in February (# 30707) for a similar problem where reports don't reset to the last 60 minutes/last 24 hours without logging out/logging back in.  Back then I was advised that it was a known issue that would be fixed in the next release.  Perhaps resolution of this issue is not far away now?

                  Rgds, Simon

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                      Hi Simonpt,

                      You are correct and my previous response was not entirely accurate.  After much digging I did find an existing bug submitted in January.  Unfortunately, this bug had a very low number of cases assigned to it, therefore, it's priority was set lower than other more critical or "popular" issues.  For some reason, your case was not linked to this bug.

                      Having that said, I have linked your case as well as chaldz's case to this bug and revived it due to the increase in activity it is getting.

                      While trying not to sound like a broken record, we will notify you when this gets rectified.


                      Chris Foley