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    How To Summarize Custom Poller Data


      I need to present our management team with a summarized count of 'current connections' to all file servers at our facility.

      I've been running  a custom poller for some time, using a valid OID; I have both the CustomPollerID and the CustomPollerAssignmentIDs (around thirty of the latter, one for each polled node).

       What would be the easiest way to obtain the following:

      1) The raw numeric data for each polling interval, for each Custom Poller Assignment ID--ie, obtain all the polling data for all the polled nodes;

       2) Summarize this data, such that each polling interval on a graph would display the total for all polled nodes, rather than thirty separate datasets?

       To be clear, I'd like to present the summarized data as a graph, showing history for the last X polling periods.

       Any ideas would be gratefully received.