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    Reinstall NPM

      The server that is running NPM has failed.  I need to reinstall on a new box and I wanted to know what the correct procedure is for reinstalling.

      Is have NPM v9, Eng toolset and the Wireless monitor.  My database is on a seperate SQL box.

      I have tried just installign everything and pointing to the SQL database but when I open the NPM there are no nodes there?  If I look at the tables in database manager there is data there that looks right?



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          mark wiggans

           You might also need to update your Nodes table in the database, to assign your Nodes to the new engine.

          Check the Engines table, and note down what's listed as the Engine ID for the old server, and the engine ID for the new server. Then check the Nodes table, and if your Nodes are all assigned to your old Engine ID, you'll need to change them. You can do this by changing each row individually, or by using an SQL query such as the following (in this example, Engine ID 1 would have been the old server, and engine ID 2 would be the new server)

           UPDATE NODES set EngineID = ‘2’ WHERE EngineID = ‘1’

          And of course - before you run any SQL query.. back up your database!!  ;-)

           There is also a similar procdure here on page 4-



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              That was the answer to that!  Thanks.

              Now I am running into a problem with the configuration wizard.  On thescreen where I put in the database server information I get a error box:

              The current user has not been assigned a valid default database. Use SQL Server Managment Tools to create a new database, and then assign it as the default database for this user.

              I am not sure what to do with that?


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                  mark wiggans

                  The configuration wizard is trying to connect to a database
                  that doesn’t exist. Go to
                  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolarWinds.net\ConfigurationWizard\ConfiguredMondules and delete the config. wizard entries. The configuration wizard should be able to complete
                  after that.