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    Neflow data taxing my SQL server

       I have installed Solarwinds 9.1.0 on a Dell Poweredge R200 server with 4GB RAM and plenty of HD space. I have installed MS SQL 2005 Workgroup Edition SP 2 on a separate Dell Poweredge R200 server with 4 GB RAM and plenty of hd space. The hard drives on both servers are SAS drives. I have setup Neflow to capture data from 2 Cisco 7606 routers. I am receiving data from these devices for approximately 2 days until finally the netflow service stops. I have looked at the Performance Monitor on the SQL service and it has a paging file of approximately 3.4 GB in size and SQLServr.exe is using approximately 3.2 GB of RAM. The SQL server seems to be running out of RAM trying to process Netflow data and then begins creating this massive page file. The disk queue maxes flat lines in task manager at 100% while netflow and and SQL are running. Does the SQL box need additional RAM beyond 4 GB to process Netflow? Has anyone out there had this issue with Netflow and SQL. I have a case opened with technical support, but so far they have not been much help!