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    URGENT: Need Guidance to Develop a Netflow Monitoring System. HELP!!!!

      Hello lovely people,

      I'm new to this site and I'm seeking for advice actually. I am a student from a Malaysian University and I'm expecting to graduate by March 2009. Currently I am working on my final project; to develop a netflow monitoring system.

      I have the green light to carry on with this project from my lecturers and superiors. Throughout my proposal I have studied about Netflow key components such as Netflow itself, NFDUMP, NFSEN, and databases.

      Up to now, what I've done is the configuration  of Cisco routers (2800 Series) to send Netflow data to a Netflow Collector. These data are being captured by NFCAPD, and later to be stored in a database.

      My problem is, i need advice and some guidance, perhaps, in developing a Netflow monitoring system. Below are some of the project requirements that I have in mind:

      1. flow tools

      2.nfdump, and nfsen

      3. Java, C++, perl, phyton

      4. Cisco and Ubuntu environment

      I'm a newbie to this kind of sites, forums and blogs. I apologize for any inconvenience my writings are. Hope readers can help me through this, love to hear from you all.

      You can leave your comments here or just visit my blog: http://www.ink-press.blogspot.com

      Do take note that my blog has various content in it, so for this Netflow purpose please visit the "Final IT Project" tag or just follow this link http://ink-press.blogspot.com/search/label/Final%20IT%20Project