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    How to load 3rd Party MIBs in Orion


      We are trying to monitor our Liebert coolers with Orion.  We were told that after setting up SNMP on the management card in the Lierberts, we just had to load and compile the 9 MIBs into our NMS.  I have been looking through the documentation on SolarWinds but haven't found anything.  I figured I would post here first before having to open a case.

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          Hi cmpyx,


          • First check that you have installed the latest MIB database available for Orion.

          1. Login to the Customer Portal.
          2. Click on Orion MIB Database to download the updated MIB.
          3. Follow the instructions in the Readme file included in the Archive.

          • If the MIB you are looking for is still not there, you will have to open a case with the support and attach the MIB files (Attach them to your reply) and we forward them to the person who compiles the MIB.
          • The MIB is usually compiled every Friday and released the next Monday on the customer portal.

          To Open a Ticket: http://www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket

           I hope that helps.


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            Folks, we have a winner!

            Seriously though.. I think you and literally every other person I have ever known has thought that we could simply recompile our MIB database
            and add the MIB's into the NMS.  Alas, this is not the case with SW Orion.

            Unfortunately, you have to actually submit the MIB's to SW's tech support via email, and when the MIB database gets rebuilt (once a week) the MIB's
            will be included in it.  The good news about that arrangement is that the MIB's get redistributed to everybody.  The bad news, is that it takes a week,
            generally speaking, I do MIB database updates on Fridays..  You also have to download the ~8? MB file, extract it, and then copy the ~400MB file around
            to several locations on the HD.  (They really need to fix that, 1.2GB for MIB's is reedonkulous!)

            I think you can email it to "support@solarwinds.com" and use a subject line like "Please include in MIB database the attached MIB's".

            If you have over 5MB of MIB's, they have you post them up on a file transfer outsourced site.. 

            Ya know, windows guys, scared to put up an FTP server.  ;)


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              For getting data with the UnDP, the MIB doesn't actually have to be in the Orion MIB database.  You only need to provide the OID in the proper field and Orion will be able to get the data.