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    Problem with NTA after installed

      Hi All,

      I have a server for monitoring network devices with the following:

      Hardware:  HP 385 G2, 2.6GHz (Dual-Core AMD Opteron), 8Gb RAM, Win 2003 SP1. The database server is on identical hardware.

      Raid 1+0 - for system 16 Gb, for Solarwind Orion NPM and database 550 Gb

      Microsoft SQL server 2005 enterprise for DB

      Software: Solarwinds Orion NPM 9.1

      After installation of NTA v3.0 on this server and start Configuration Wizard I got the following message:

       Database configuration failed: 
       •  Error while executing script- Must declare the scalar variable "@tablename".
      Must declare the scalar variable "@tablename".

      I've repeated all the procedures several times (like un-install, and install again), but with the same result. 

      Somebody, please, help me!